About Me

My goal is to share the moment in time when I release the shutter with the audience.  I hope the photographs evoke a memory, a feeling, a story for the viewers.  When this happens, we share a small part of what makes art special.

I have recently restarted taking photographs.  Close Up/Macro and Nature photography are where I get the most happiness when shooting.  Most of my portfolio is made up of shots from right here in Central Illinois.  The horticulture garden at ICC, Starved Rock, and the Rock Island trail are just a few of the local areas that offer great opportunities for photography.  A future goal is to be able to take other photographers to some of the areas I visit regularly and share my knowledge of the venues with them.

Ultimately, we want the viewer to connect emotionally with what they are seeing, like we did when creating our art.  Please enjoy the images, they are a few of my favorites


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